I have been a Shamanic practioner and Hypnotherapist for over 10 years. I offer Shamanic Healing, Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Classes at the HCH Institute in Lafayette, California.

As a former research scientist, I recognize these methods as practical and highly effective. There is no need to believe anything, though an open mind is helpful. Expect significant healing and progress with every session. Its best to plan for two or three sessions for the greatest benefit.
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Shamanic Healing

Soul retrieval, Restoring Power, Illumination, ​Spirit Releasement, Extraction. Sessions are 1.5 to 2 hours, allowing plenty of time for you to enter into a deeply relaxed state that facilitates healing. In such a deep state, the brain becomes superplastic, allowing rapid change I'm also working on healing your energy body that surrounds you and holds the imprints of trauma and disease...
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Shamanic Training

shamanic training
16 and 8 month practitioner training certification
Expect your life to be transformed in every way as you experience deep personal healing and learn to live in power, peace, and vitality. Learn ancient healing methods including how to restore power, connect to nature, journey outside of time and space, go beyond ego to experience your true divine Self, and manifest your reality.. click here to learn more


Shamans access the spirit realm by entering into an altered state of consciousness. Healing on the behalf of others is requested from the shaman's helping spirits. The spirits work through the shaman...
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Greg Harper PHD, CCHT Lafayette, California
gregharper45@yahoo.com : 510.566.3735

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